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86--Eighty-Six Vol. 2


86--Eighty-Six - Vol. 2

For many years, the Republic of San Magnolia has been at war with the neighboring Giadian Empire.

Lena takes command of the Spearhead squadron from her post within San Magnolia’s fortified First Sector. She and Shin fight on without ever seeing each other, buther attempts to forge a bond of trust are stymied by the walls of hatred between Alba and Colorata, as well as the literal fortified walls between the Republic’s eighty-five Sectors and the front lines.

With tempers flaring after a death on the battlefield, Lena is forced to confront her own ugly cowardice and will soon come to learn why Shin’s previous handlers called him Reaper.


Franchise: 86--Eighty-Six

Author: Asato Asato

Length: 192 pages