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Boglins Hand Puppet King Drool

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Boglins Hand Puppet King Drool

King Drool Says...
"It's good to be the Bog-King! Love the new looks and I'm excited to cause mischief and mayhem at your home bahahahaha!"

Clever King Drool has led the Rude Dudes for several years now and he has accomplished much during his reign. He has banished the Clumsies Tribe before they destroyed everything of value, enlisted in the Medieval Tribe as allies and protectors and prevented the Greedies Tribe from eating all their sorted food provisions. Now that he is King, he is treated to buckets and buckets of ice cream at every meal after which he sniffs, spits, gulps and scratches with impunity and belches with such gusto that it clears the room. He is indeed King of the Rude Dudes. King Drool possesses the Soggy Bog Scrolls. The Scrolls are reported to hold Great Secrets if only they could ever be dried out enough to be read.

This officially licensed Boglins hand puppet is approx. 17 cm tall and made from TPR.