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Danganronpa: The Animation Volume 01

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Each year, the elite Hope’s Peak Academy selects only the most gifted and talented students to enroll . . . plus one ordinary student, chosen by lottery. Makoto Naegi was that lucky person—or so he thought! When he shows up for class, he finds the elite students are a bizarre cast of oddballs under the ruthless authority of a robot teddy bear principal, Monokuma.

The bear lays down the school rules: the only way out of Hope’s Peak is to not only murder another student . . . but get away with it, as every murder is followed by a tribunal where the surviving students cross-examine each other!

Based on the Danganronpa anime TV show, released in 2015 through Funimation.

A quirky, fun, weird, dynamic take on the high school Battle Royale genre.

  • Franchise: Danganronpa
  • Author: Spike Chunsoft, Takashi Tsukimi
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Paperback
  • Publication date: 5 April 2016

Mystery   Drama   School