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Dragon Ball Super: Broly Chokoku Buyuden Statue Super Saiyan God Vegeta


Dragon Ball Super Broly - Super Saiyan God Vegeta Banpresto Chokoku Buyuden Figure

Super Saiyan God Vegeta from Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Super Saiyan God is a transformation recognisable by slight pink skin tone and hair that is a shade of red.

Super Saiyan God grants the user godly ki, providing them with a power boost far beyond Super Saiyan 3! It is initially obtained through a ritual involving six righteous Saiyans or special divine training.

This Vegeta figure is part of Banpresto's Chokoku Buyuden line.


Franchise: Dragon Ball

Brand: Banpresto

Fully painted statue/non articulated figure

Stands around 8.7 inches (22cm)

Some assembly required

Packaged in closed box