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Dragon Ball Super Card Game B08 Malicious Machinations Booster Pack


Series 8 of the Dragon Ball Super card game is here and the theme of this series is the Androids! 

B08 revolves around the most powerful fighters created by the scientists of the Dragon Ball franchise.

As well as the many androids created by Dr. Gero there is Baby, created by Dr. Myuu; Hatchhyack, created by Dr. Lychee and Android 21 also makes her debut in series 8!



237 Types Total!

  • Common (normal/foil) x 60
  • Uncommon (normal/foil) x 30
  • Rare x 18
  • Super Rare x 16
  • Special Rare x 10
  • Exclusive Rare Hero x 5
  • Exclusive Rare Villain x 5
  • Secret Rare x 3


Single booster pack contains 12 cards

You will receive one sealed Malicious Machinations booster pack with random pack art.