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Dragon Ball Z BWFC 2018 Statue Frieza 2nd Form


Dragon Ball Z - Frieza 2nd Form Banpresto BWFC 2018 Figure

Arguably the most iconic bad guy in the whole of the Dragon Ball saga, Frieza is feared for his ruthlessness and terrifying power. 

This non articulated figure depicts Frieza in his 2nd form and was a contender in the Banpresto World Figure Colosseum (BWFC) 2018 competition. 

Expertly sculpted by Korean artist, Lee Doo Yeon the statue captures the villain's likeness and is a must have for any Dragon Ball collector!


Franchise: Dragon Ball

Brand: Banpresto

Fully painted statue/non articulated figure

Stands around  7.5 inches (19cm)

Some Assembly required 

Packaged in closed box