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NECA Horror Figure - Ash (Evil Dead) Toony Terrors


Evil Dead - Ash NECA Toony Terrors Action Figure

Ash Williams is the protagonist of the Evil Dead franchise. Throughout the series, Ash faces off against "Deadites", evil creatures possessed by an ancient evil. With his chainsaw right hand and his trusty "Boomstick" things are going to get "Groovy"

Neca continues the Toony Terrors figure line, horror icons with a twist! Very much in the style of Saturday morning cartoon characters, the Toony Terrors are a fun new take on these serial slashers!

Wave 3 includes The Nun Valak, Count Orlok (Nosferatu), & Ash from The Evil Dead

Franchise: Horror

Brand: NECA

Figure stands around 6 inches (15cm)

Blister card packaging