Nintendo Donkey Kong Barrel Shaped Mug


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Here’s a barrel you don’t want to break!

This Donkey Kong Shaped Mug is shaped like one of Donkey Kong’s instantly recognisable, iconic barrels!

This mug is oversized just like the great ape himself! Donkey Kong gained fame for his barrel throwing skills as he tried to stop the world’s most famous plumber Mario back in the early 80’s!

Mario first appeared in 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong under the name 'Jumpman'. Since then, Mario has become a legend within popular culture and has been a defining figure not just for Nintendo, but for the whole gaming industry.

Since gaining massive success with Super Mario Bros Mario has had a number of titles such as Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3D World and the hugely popular racing spin-off Super Mario Kart.

The Donkey Kong Barrel Shaped Mug is an officially licensed Super Mario product.

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