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One Piece Stampede DXF The Grandline Men Statue Rob Lucci


One Piece Stampede - Rob Lucci Banpresto DXF Grandline Men Figure

Rob Lucci was one of the main antagonists of the Water 7 and Enies Lobby Arcs of One Piece. 

Rob Lucci is a tall and slim, yet muscular man with arched eyebrows and a close-shaved goatee. When he is not fighting, his pet pigeon Hattori is usually perched quietly on his right shoulder.

Along with his great superhuman prowess, Lucci is a highly intelligent and cunning individual. His Neko Neko (Cat Cat) Devil Fruit, Model: Leopard allows him to transform into a leopard or leopard-human hybrid.

Fans of One Piece will see Rob Lucci again in the Stampede movie which was released in Japan in August 2019 to commemorate the anime's 20th anniversary.

Part of Banpresto's DXF The Grandline Men series.


Franchise: One Piece

Brand: Banpresto

Fully painted statue/non articulated figure

Stands around 6.7 inches (17cm)

Some assembly required

Packaged in closed box