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Pretty Boy Detective Club Volume 02

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Based on the novel from the renowned author NisiOisiN, comes the Pretty Boy Detectives Club manga.

A mysterious organization is operating behind the scenes at Yubiwa Academy-the Pretty Boy Detective Club, comprised of President Manabu Sotoin, Vice President Nagahiro Sakiguchi, fearsome "bossman" and fearless gourmand Michiru Fukuroi, angelic track star Hyota Ashikaga and artistic genius/business prodigy Sosaku Yubiwa.

One morning, new recruit Mayumi Dojima happens to see someone drop a mind-boggling bundle and the game is afoot! The ensuing investigation takes the Pretty Boys into the heart of enemy territory but will they be able to see (or not see) it through to the end? The Pretty Boy series continues with this exciting new chapter, pitting a sublime aesthetic against the superlative scam!

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