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Sachi's Monstrous Appetite Volume 02

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Fans of monster romance manga, look out! Sachi's Monstrous Appetite will slake your thirst!

Makie’s mostly just a regular middle schooler: He likes cooking, he’s got a crush on a girl and his scent is irresistible to man-eating monsters called watari. The girl he likes, Sachi, has put great effort into appearing to be a normal girl. She’s got a crush on Makie too…but she’s also a shapeshifting watari living as a human and she knows that if she wants to keep Makie alive and all to herself, she’ll need to fight off her fellow monsters!

Young love blooming is always complicated but how will Makie deal with his first relationship when supernatural creatures keep trying to eat him the middle of a date? Rude!

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