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Tokyo Revengers Omnibus 2 (Volumes 3 & 4)

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The critically acclaimed manga series about a man time-travelling back to his youth to save his girlfriend from a street gang-which inspired the wildly popular anime and live-action film!

After leaping 12 years into his past, Takemichi has now fallen in with two leaders of the Toman gang, Mikey and Draken. He’s failed to avoid an encounter with the opposing Moebius gang and a Toman member ends up in jail for assault! A schism splits Toman, with Mikey on one side and Draken on the other. Takemichi mediates between them but not everybody gets the message and the festival night of August 3rd is set as the day Draken dies!

Will Takemichi be able to save Draken’s life when he doesn’t even know who wields the knife?

Contains volume 3 and 4 of Tokyo Revengers.

  • Franchise: Tokyo Revengers
  • Author: Ken Wakui
  • Length: 396 pages
  • Paperback
  • Publication date: 30 August 2022

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